Welcome to Data-driven Interactive Storytelling, Jour72312, or Data Viz! We’re looking forward to starting the semester and meeting each one of you.

Before our first meeting, please watch the following chapters of Journalism in the Age of Data, a video report on data visualization by Geoff McGhee at http://datajournalism.stanford.edu/

Chapter 2 Data Vis in Journalism Chapter 3 Telling “Data Stories” Chapter 6 Exploring Data

The total running time for these three chapters is 23 minutes.


Take some time to view Geoff McGhee’s Knight Fellowship video report on Data Journalism http://datajournalism.stanford.edu/ It’s about 54 minutes, and it’s available in many different formats (for viewing on desktop or mobile). It’s a nice overview of the current discipline.

Additional suggested reading:
+ Introduction to the Data Journalism Handbook
+ Paul Bradshaw’s How to be a data journalist on the Guardian blog
+ Alastair Reid’s post on How to: get started in data journalism

Also, start thinking about what you might want to do for your first project. I know, the course hasn’t even started and you may not have a clue where to start. That’s okay. But if there’s some data that you’re interested in, or you have some ideas that have a basis in data that you want to explore, bring them to the first class.

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