Using Digital Storage

Visit the school password manager and log in using your school WordPress credentials. You should see something about like this:


Service notes: Each user on this system has a disk quota of 250MB unless someone from IT has informed you otherwise.

Connection info:
protocol: SFTP
port: 22

Username: xxxxx
Password: xxXXxXx

If you don’t see FTP connection information, you don’t have an account on Digital Storage and you need to contact the help desk

Note that your Digital Storage account will be wiped two years after you graduate, so if you do work you’re proud of, you should be sure you archive it for your own portfolio!

Step 2: Open FileZilla

Note: the first time you open FileZilla, you might have to give your computer permission to load programs you’ve downloaded from the internet. Launch it with a right-click and you’ll have the opportunity to confirm that you do want to install FileZilla.

Step 3: Connect! Your host, username, password and port are all available in passwordManager. Plug those into the Quick Connect bar and hit the “Quickconnect” button.

Step 4: Create a dataviz directory inside of public_html. Upload your html files to that dataviz directory

Step 5: Check your work. My Digital Storage files live at because my username is amandahickman and I put files in a directory called dataviz — you’ll use your username to find your URL.

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