Homework Week 9 (Due Nov 06)

We want post-mortem reports from each of you on your first major story, you have a week to take one last pass at your story, it is time to start thinking about your next story and we’re going to dive in to CartoDB next week, so you’re going to get started with some pre-learning.

Post Mortems: Everyone needs to write a post-mortem of your first story project: What was your role? What was your partner’s role? What did you learn? What worked? What didn’t? What would you do differently if you tackled the project again? Post-mortems are private — write them alone, not as a team. You’ll email this to us with your story ideas and your map URL (see below).

New ideas: It is time to start thinking about your next story. Submit two good ideas for your next story. Email these to us with your post-mortem and your map URL (see below).

Revise Story 1: Your team has one last chance to revise your first story. We don’t expect a major re-working of the story, but if you spotted typos or got good feedback in class and want to reword something, this is your chance.

CartoDB: Next week we’re going to tackle a mapping tool that is much more flexible than Google Maps and somewhat more complex. To get ready you’re going to need to create an account on CartoDB. You do have to provide a credit card number to sign up but with your academic discount, you will not be billed. You do need to use your J-School email address to register.

Walk through CartoDB’s conditional styling tutorial tutorial. We’ll tackle visualizing relationships in class next week, but read through that, too.

Send us your post mortem, your story ideas and your cholera map URL in one email with the subject “Homework Week 9.”

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