Homework Week 7 (Due Oct. 23)

This week you have one reading, a redesign assignment and you’re going to hand in the draft of your first team story.

Read: http://www.cjr.org/cover_story/dark_shadows.php

1. Team assignment: Rough Drafts are due in class on Oct 23. Review the syllabus for what we’re looking in a rough draft. We’ll have an open workshop on Oct 23 for you to work with your teammates and for us to provide feedback.

Rough Drafts: A rough draft does not have to have the polish of a final project, but it should be close. You should have created the visualizations that you plan to use. Your classmates should be able to evaluate a rough draft on its merits, without a guided tour of forthcoming features. A complete rough draft includes:
+ Clean data in spreadsheets, already normalized, sorted, manipulated
+ Visualizations of the data with labeled axes
+ Captions
+ Credits
+ A headline
+ At least three links to other reporting that puts your story in a broader context.
+ Introductory text that includes information gleaned from at least one human source.
+ A source list, exactly like the ones you hand in for Craft II.

You’re not required to quote your source, but you do need to be able to tell the class what insights your human source provided.

2. Solo Design assignment: Re-design a data visualization. Using ONE of the three infographics below, identify the visualization and/or design weaknesses and sketch your approaches to improve them. Deliverable: sketch on paper, scanned and posted to the blog. You do NOT need to slavishly copy every data point in your redesign or make sure the translation is accurate or complete. We are interested in how a re-thinking of the form of the visualization can change its effectiveness in helping readers make the right comparisons. So if you think two bar charts would be better for the Healthcare vs. Life expectancy example, then sketch your charts with labelled axes and draw what the bars would look like for a few of the representative countries.

Teacher’s salaries:

 Healthcare vs. Life expectancy

Foreign Exchange students

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