Homework Week 6 (Due Oct. 16)

This week you’re going to integrate multiple graphs into a single cohesive presentation, refine your pitch and read some Tufte.

Use the jQuery UI to integrate at least three of the visualizations that you made last week into a single presentation that allows a reader to navigate between multiple views. Upload your html file to Digital Storage, and iframe it on the class blog. Include a headline and text that provide context for your work, cite and link to your source, and publish your work in the “jQuery UI” category. When we assess this assignment, we’ll be looking at your handling of navigation, usability and interactivity to integrate multiple visualizations.

If your jquery file lives at http://example.com/jquery.html your iframe will look like this:

<iframe src="http://example.com/jquery.html" width="200" height="200"></iframe>

Adjust the height and width values to accomodate your project. Use the Web Developer Toolbar’s Miscellaneous > Display Ruler to measure your screen if you aren’t sure how big your iframe should be. Or try different values and see what works.

Work with your partner(s) to refine your pitches and develop storyboards. A storyboard organizes your content conceptually and spatially. When you turn in storyboards, also include a revised pitch. We use wireframe and storyboards interchangeably here. We’re looking for a simple sketch (on paper, in Word, or PowerPoint, Illustrator, or any number of online storyboarding tools) that shows us how you intend to integrate your visualizations, words, and navigation elements. Use simple boxes to tell us where your different elements will be positioned in a design, and how a user will navigate through the content. Post your revised pitches to the class blog, in the “pitch-revision” category. Scan your sketch and include it in your post.

Read selections from Tufte, Quantitative Display of Information, on e-reserve in the Library: pages 91-105, 176-190. Use the password (ij2012) to access the material.

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