Homework Week 10 (Due Nov 13)

This week you’re going to prepare pitches for your next story, make sure you get your CartoDB account upgraded to Magellan, and take another stab at Highcharts. >


You can walk through the steps we followed in class and review my jsFiddle to see some extra steps (like setting the minimum value for the y-axis) reflected. Pick either a chart you’ve already made for a story or a chart you’re exploring for your next pitch and take a stab at reproducing it in Highcharts.

If you don’t have a better idea, try reproducing one of your high school graduation rate charts from October.

Save out your chart, upload it to Digital Storage and send us the URL.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help from Amanda, Russell or Nick.

Team Projects: Pitches Due

A complete pitch should tell us who cares, why we care now, and what pre-reporting you’ve done. You must include…
+ a potential nut graph that tells us what the story is and what the important elements are.
+ a news hook, or explanation of why this story matters now
+ a description of and link to the data (which means you have to find your data!). Don’t pitch us a story that depends on data you don’t have in hand.
+ one source you have already spoken with or at least three potential expert sources and your plans for reaching them

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