Homework Week 1

Homework Week 1 (Due Sep 11)

Find two datasets that interest you. You’re looking for raw data, not visualizations of data. For each data set, tell us the following in not more than 100 words:

  • Describe the data — what are we looking at?
  • Explain why it is interesting — who cares?
  • Explain the provenance — who collected this data, when? Where?
  • Provide a link — how can someone get to this data? (be sure to test your URL and make sure it reliably takes you back to the data. Otherwise, find the best URL and give instructions from there.)

Begin a scrapbook on WordPress, Tumblr, Pinterest or any blog or aggregation service. If you want to use a specific tag or category on an existing blog, that’s fine, too.

Read Cairo: The Functional Art, Reading part 1: pages 25-31, 36-44, on thinking through a visualization as a tool for the reader; what graphical form best serves the goal? On e-reserve in the Library.

Make sure that Firefox is installed on your computer, with both the Web Developer Toolbar and Firebug plugins.

Email your dataset URLs and scrapbook URL to both professors under the subject “Homework Week 1″.

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