Energy Production, Revised, and sketched (Team Ilie & Andrew)

Energy production in the United States has grown tremendously over the past decade, transforming the nation into an energy leader. The US is projected to surpass Russia in oil and gas production by the end of the year.  The surge has been driven by new hydraulic fracturing technology, as well as improved off-shore drilling technologies.  This has shifted the focus of the world’s energy economy from its traditional players to the U.S., making it the global leader.
We want to create a “then and now” visualization to illustrate these new energy realities. Readers will be able to see how production has grown or declined in the top six energy producing nations: the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Canada and china.
Our data goes back to 1980, and this longer time frame will give readers a better understanding of the context.
We’ll also show readers how exports have increased or decreased for each of the top producers over that time period Exporting more energy is just as important as producing more, because it means that the exporting nation has a greater impact on energy markets worldwide.
We’ll be pulling data from the US Energy Information Administration.
On the above link, click on the summary drop-down menu.  Select the link for “Petroleum Statistics by Country.”
Margaret Coleman
Natural Gas
Eric Kreil
World Oil Price
Mac Scott, National Energy Foundation
(Google Motion Chart: exports by top 6 producers, 1980-2013)


exports oil
(Production, with embedded explainers of major events effecting production)

oil shifts with news events



(Google Motion Chart: energy production across top 6 producers)



production energy bubbles

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