DataFest 1: CO2 Infographic critique

CO2 infographic

Pros It’s beautiful, and it introduces you to the story (carbon represented by the big squares), and then draws you down into the second layer; the consequences of hitting those carbon numbers.

I also appreciated how it makes the connections between things like ocean acidification and corn/wheat yields to global warning, without really bashing you over the head with it.

Cons It took me a little while to get this. There was a pay-off once i understood what i should be looking at and how it’s all connected. But i think if i was a causal news reader i would click away.

There’s not really a story here — besides of course, that global warming is taking place.

And if i did draw a conclusion from the data, it would be an optimistic one: that we have 500 gigatons of carbon left to spew into the atmosphere. I’m not sure if this was the intention of the designer or not. Either way, it doesn’t feel like the creator had a real point of view in creating this piece.

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